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Gila County Land Use

Comprehensive Plan – 2012  

  • Comprehensive Plan Elements: The Gila County Comprehensive Plan includes three primary elements: land use, transportation, and public facilities. Each element describes the vision, goals and objectives desired for the future by the citizens of Gila County and the policies that will be used by the county government to accomplish the visions, goals and objectives.  *Developed by Kimley-Horn and Associates,Inc.
  • Community Land Plan – 2012

CAAG: Comprehensive Economic Development District  2015

The 2015 CEDS Update and Revision was a major revision of the CEDS. It was dramatically shortened to make it readable for a wider audience of elected officials and professionals. It incorporated many recommendations of the EDA-funded Employments Centers Adjustment Strategy, and it further laid out a factual context for understanding the CAG EDD as both a regional and sub-regional economy. Whereas last year’s CEDS focused on facts, this year’s CEDS focuses on process.