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The sister communities Pine and Strawberry Only are located only three miles apart on the State Highway 87, and have found the perfect balance between remaining beautifully quaint, while still rapidly developing into two of Arizona’s most desirable vacation and retirement locales.  Originally settled by Mormon pioneers in 1879, the story of this region is one of hardships overcome by determination and faith while the community continues to thrive today by virtue of the dedication and hard work of the founding families.  That same untamed pine-clad country and the outdoor recreation opportunities it provides is what locals and tourists love most about Pine-Strawberry.  Whether you’re consider calling the region home for your family or business, looking to enjoy the great outdoors, or the annual Strawberry Festival, Pine-Strawberry could be the perfect complement to your personal or entrepreneurial ventures.

Commercially, these two communities thrive from weekend tourism and second-home residents from the valley looking for shops, restaurants, cafés, wineries, breweries, accommodations, and more.  The two communities are great locations for dynamic and unique businesses like Pine’s handcraft brewery, THAT Brewery, or Strawberry’s interactive ranch, Fossil Creak Creamery, that offers tours, homesteading classes, and purchase of delicious and healthy artisanal goat’s milk, cheese, and fudge.  The Pine-Strawberry Business Community (PSBC) is a local organization that supports small businesses and the community by lending a helping hand and maintaining a vital business climate.  PSBC is generous in gathering resources for the community through fundraisers, activities, and festivals which promote economic development and enhance social connection by bringing together locals and visitors alike. 


Only 13 miles north of Payson, residents and businesses of Pine-Strawberry have easy access to the Payson Municipal Airport and the convenience of State Highway 87, otherwise known as the “Beeline Highway”, which makes travel to Phoenix, Flagstaff, Tucson, and surrounding states less than a day’s drive.

Outdoor Recreation

Tucked just below the Mogollon Rim, Pine-Strawberry is surrounded by a wilderness of ethereal beauty that provides endless opportunities for outdoor recreation.  Driving along the Rim is easy on the scenic Forest Road 300, also known as the Rim Road, with 45 miles of forest providing plenty of fishing, hiking, and boating opportunities.   If you want to stay local, hikers, horseback riders, and backpackers take advantage of the picturesque Pine Trailhead located on the southern edge of Pine.  With planning and the proper permit, Strawberry’s Fossil Creek Road offers a breathtaking trail to a crystal-clear waterfall and swimming hole.  If you want to be outside enjoying the sun while also soaking in local history, join Pine-Strawberry’s walking tour of historic buildings including the town museum which highlights Arizona’s indigenous peoples, and the oldest schoolhouse in Arizona, now a state historical site.