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The towns of Hayden-Winkelman are located at the furthest-southern point of the County of Gila, at the confluence of the San Pedro and Gila Rivers. Started as a ranching community near the end of the 1800s, these wild-west town still retains the hardworking spirit of the old days. As with most Eastern-Arizona communities, the town eventually became a major player in Arizona copper mining. Today, copper mining continues to play a major role as the second largest employer, second to the Hayden School District.


The town of Winkelman is located in the heart of the Arizona desert approximately 90 minutes east of Phoenix. Taking the US-60 east past the Superstition mountains into Superior and then south along the winding State Highway 177 is half of the fun. The close proximity of the community allows for a nice family day-trip from Phoenix and Tucson.

The Copper Basin Railway is another attractive incentive for more commercial-based transportation. The Railway starts in Winkelman and runs 54 miles to the north and also has a junction that runs seven miles from the Ray junction to Ray, Arizona. The railway eventually intersects with the Union Pacific Railroad, opening up transportation from Winkelman to the majority of the nation.

Outdoor Recreation

Winkelman offers outdoor recreation for both the adrenaline-seeker and everyone else. If you are looking to increase your heart rate, Winkelman offers a landing point for some of the best river rafting on the Gila River, which runs right next to the town. Starting points lie between three and seven miles north along Highway 77, giving over four hours to soak in the sights and the heat of eastern Arizona.

The area also offers outdoor recreation for people looking for a slower pace. Winkelman and the surrounding communities boast thousands of miles of hiking and off-roading trails throughout the heart of the Arizona desert. When visiting the area, don’t miss the Winkelman Historic Bridge