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The southern portions of Gila County hold rich mineral deposits that have supported active mining operations dating back to 1874, when silver was first discovered in Globe. Three years later copper was discovered, the silver mines shut down, and copper has reigned supreme ever since. Copper has been mined in this region for over a hundred years, and mining operations are still active today throughout the Globe-Miami region.

Capstone Mining

Capstone Mining’s Pinto Valley Mine is located in the Globe-Miami mining district – one of the oldest and largest copper districts in the Americas and among the world’s most favorable mining jurisdictions with respect to tax, regulation and labor. The mine was acquired from BHP Billiton in October 2013, after BHP Billiton had invested $194 million in 2012/13 to upgrade and recommission the operation. It was successfully restarted in December 2012 with a five-year mine life in publicly reported reserves. See More

Freeport McMoRan

FMI operates the smelter, rod mill and leaching operations in the Globe-Miami region. The Miami mine historically was the major copper producer in the Globe-Miami mining area, producing a porphyry copper deposit that has leachable oxide and secondary sulfide mineralization. The predominant oxide copper minerals are chrysocolla, copper-bearing clays, malachite and azurite. Chalcocite and covellite are the most important secondary copper sulfide minerals. Since about 1915, the Miami mining operation has processed copper ore using both flotation and leaching technologies. The design capacity of its SX/EW plant is 200 million pounds of copper per year. During 2015, Miami’s operating plans were revised to suspend mining operations and produce copper through leaching material already placed on stockpiles. See More

Desert Fox Copper Inc.

Copper Fox is a Canadian-based resource company with a Tier 1 listing on the TSX-Venture Exchange (TSX-V: CUU). The company is focused on the exploration and development of large, low-cost copper-gold projects in Canada and the United States. Copper Fox’s wholly owned subsidiaries are Desert Fox Copper Inc. and Northern Fox Copper Inc. Desert Fox holds all the assets of Copper Fox located in the United States, and Northern Fox owns 65.4% of the common shares of Carmax Mining Corp. See More

Resolution Copper

At a site just east of Superior, Arizona – some 18 miles west of Miami – Resolution Copper is working with regulators and the community to develop one of the world’s largest untapped deposits of copper. The $64 billion excavation project is expected to run over 60 years and will use the underground mining method known as block cave mining. Resolution Copper Mining (RCM) is a limited liability company owned 55% by Resolution Copper Company, a Rio Tinto PLC subsidiary, and 45% by BHP Copper Inc., a BHP Billiton PLC subsidiary. The project targets a deep-seated porphyry copper deposit located under the now inactive Magma Mine. Rio Tinto has reported an inferred resource of 1.624 billion tonnes containing 1.47 percent copper and 0.037 percent molybdenum at depths exceeding 1,300 meters (0.81 mile). See More

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